P Private investigators are a valuable asset in winning a lawsuit. Most private investigators are retired law enforcement officers, and their experience and knowledge are priceless in resolving issues. USPIO is promoting the private investigation occupation throughout the world and creating business opportunities for PIs. USPIO exclusively design and build tools, equipment, data systems, software, hardware, and training materials for current and future private investigators.

私人调查员是赢得诉讼的宝贵财富. 大多数私人调查员都是退休的执法人员,他们的经验和知识在解决问题方面是无价的。 USPIO正在全球推广私人调查职业,并为PIs创造商机。 USPIO专门为当前和未来的私人调查人员设计和构建工具,设备,数据系统,软件,硬件和培训材料。


USPIO Purpose

1. Promoting the Private Investigation System of the United States to International Communities

2. Educating and training licensed private investigators and junior private investigators

3. Developing tools and equipment exclusively for private investigators

4. Creating a network of private investigators and assisting them with business opportunities

  1. 向国际社会推广美国的私人调查制度
  2. 教育及培训持牌私家侦探及初级私家侦探
  3. 专门为私人调查人员开发工具和设备
  4. 建立私人调查员网络,协助他们寻找商机

“It is more difficult to succeed as a PI than to be one”


— s. lee, p.i., founder

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