U USPIO serves the international community. Our council members are in all different countries. We provide PI training and educate on PI law in different languages through our council members. Many Asian countries do not have PI job titles in their labor markets. As a result, they have no idea what PI is or does. The USPIO promotes the PI occupation in their labor market.

USPIO为国际社会服务。 我们的安理会成员在所有不同的国家。 我们通过我们的理事会成员提供不同语言的PI法律培训和教育. 许多亚洲国家在其劳动力市场上没有PI职称。 结果,他们不知道PI是什么或做什么。 USPIO在他们的劳动力市场上推广PI职业。

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